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About Mandsaur

Visiting Places In Mandsaur
Visiting places near Mandsaur

If you want to know about mandsaur then you are at right place we are going to tell each and everything about mandsaur visually. Search directly whatever you are looking for?

We had covered History of mandsaur , culture of mandsaur, places in mandsaur, food in mandsaur, transportation in mandsaur and accommodation in Mandsaur. 

Onlinemandsaur is the true companion of mandsaur our aim is to make mandsaur complete digital city and providing complete guidence to tourist and new people.

Mandsaur is a city located in MADHYAPRADESH STATE, OF CENTRAL INDIA. It is considered as a MALWA REGION OF MADHYAPRADESH. Mandsaur is the future of education hub and for tourist it is like heaven. Mandsaur can give you feel of goa, Mumbai and Delhi. Industries are growing rapid in mandsaur due to easy transportation and raw material like opium and garlic and it is going to be the reason for digital mandsaur.

History of Mandsaur

History of mandsaur


In 1535 Humayun also stayed in mandsaur for few months during his Malwa expedition. Sher Shah period Sadar Khan was appointed its Kiledar. During the reign of Akbar Mandsaur got the status of sarkar. In 1733 the Malwa subedar of Mughals Sawai Jaisingh attacked the fort but was defeated by Marathas and the fort went to Marathas.
In 19th century before India's independence in 1947, Mandsaur was part of the princely state of Gwalior.  At the turn of the 20th century it was a centre of the Malwa opium trade.

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Mandi Gate Mandsaur History Of Mandsaur

People & Culture of Mandsaur

People and culture of Mandsaur

People & culture of mandsaur
Mandsaur has vast diversity of people and culture of India and that makes it an best destination in state. You will be fascinated to watch the royalty and innocence of the city.

Mandsaur is changing drastically because of industrialisation MANDSAUR has welcomed people from all castes, creed and color. People from all corners of the country have actually migrated and settled in the heart of Madhya Pradesh for various reasons like livelihood, education and its peaceful culture.

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Food In Mandsaur

Food in mandsaur
Mandsauri are food lover and due to that different food culture is also visible here.
Mandsaur is famous for its Namkeen and jalebi. Mandsaurian menu is consist of diffrent kind of taste and buds. Spicy Chat Food like pani puri, vadas, different varieties of paratha and the very delectable samose are first choice of the people. Mandsaur is well known for other dishes like Dal-Bafla, Nihari Gosht and Bafla-Gosht in Malwa Region. Major population of mandsaur peoples are consist of vegetarian. It is essential for tourist to get wide range of foods in one place and therefore mandsaur had its food gallery and they are food street of mandsaur and station road of mandsaur. 
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Pohe jalebi samosa Mandsaur

Visiting places in Mandsaur

Tourist Places in mandsaur

Places of Mandsaur

In mandsaur there are many places where you can visit. Mandsaur is blessed with some exciting and religious places. The historic city has age old forts, magnificent places and interactive craft temples some of the important tourism places are pashupathinath temple, Teliya Tallab, Dashpur kunj, khidki mata, nalcha mata, mandsaur fort, Girnar water park, devdungri mataji, kuber temple  and yashodharman pole all are set to fascinate you with the charm of its architectural grandeur and historical enigma. To know more places of Mandsaur click here :-

Visiting Places Near Mandsaur

Near by places of Mandsaur 
There are many nearby places near mandsaur where tourists can visit and have some fun or had peace like heaven. Considering heart of Madhya Pradesh, Mandsaur had something for all types of tourist . Take your pick from all tourist places like Gandhi sagar, Kanwala (mini Goa), chota mahadev, Bada Mahadev, hinglaj garh fort, malasri Island, gandhi sagar wildlife & birdlife sanctuary. This all places were memorizing

Tourist Places Near Mandsaur

Accommodation in Mandsaur

Best hotel and accomodation in Mandsaur

Accommodation in MANDSAUR 

A good accommodation always make you feel relax and comfortable especially when you are away from your home and Get all the necessary and basic information on best accommodation, hotels, hostels, rooms and brokers in Mandsaur to help you find the best place in Mandsaur. Mandsaur has all the facilities in minimum price from starting 500 rs to 3500 with extra benifits.


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Transportation in Mandsaur

Transportation in mandsaur


Mandsaur is well connected with road and rail. To travel locally mandsaur has both public and private transportation like taxis, tele-auto rickshaw, mopeds and bicycles and even Tonga which will help you to move around and explore the city. The transportation in Mandsaur is extremely safe, wallet-friendly and comfortable. Get information on transportation in Indore and make moving easier.

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