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Take your business online 

अब आपका बिज़नेस चलेगा नहीं दौड़ेगा जब आप हमसे जुड़ेंगे

Step :-1

Logo Design


Create logo that represent your business

and which gives you a unique identity in this competitor world.

your logo should be designed in such a way that it represent your business look attractively, color should be choose according to psychology of color.

Contact us to design your logo 

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Logo created by us

Step :-2

List Your Business

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list your business on Google my Business, Facebook, India Mart, Instagram, Trade India, Twitter, Just Dial, Linkdin, Exporter India, Pintrest, Business Data Index, YouTube and most important Gwholsat.

You should make sure that your profile should be SEO optimized so it can be visible on google and rank on your keyword.

We will list your business on all these platforms and or any other platform you want.

Step :- 3

Step :-3

Create your Business website that gives Trust to the customer and from which you can sell your service and product to the customer directly to their home.

From there, your business can be spread worldwide and your business can be converted into brand 

We can create a website for you

Website design by us :- Gwholsat
                                               :- Pahal traders
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Step :-4

Step:- 4

Advertise your business on all platforms mentioned in step 2 and that converts any business into a Brand.

Advertisement is the most important step in all business because it is the only way to get costumer for the first time and then that customer convert into Regular costumer 

Did you know what makes it interesting that you can start advertisement in a minimum of 100 rs per day?

See the down side table to advertise your buisness with us:-

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Advertisement charges
Service charge

Less than 2000 Rs

Less than 4,000 Rs

Less than 10,000 Rs

Less than 50,000 Rs

More than 50,000 Rs

400 Rs

800 Rs

2000 Rs

5000 Rs

18% of your total

Contact us for start
This all banner are created by us

Banner design

Design banner that express your buisness and every platform need different size of banner so design according to that to get high engagement.

You can contact us to design banner for you that get high engagement and you can also use that to run ad

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