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Dream of Ganpati mandir In Jankupura Mandsaur

Ganpathi Mandir Mandsaur

This story of ganpati temple in mandsaur looks unreal but it is the true magic that happens in ganpati chowk. Around 90 years ago there was a person named mulchandra, got a dream and in dream he saw that ganpati was asking him to take him out from the land by digging but when he wake up in the morning he didn’t understand anything so he call his friends and ask for meet and then he discuss the dream with his friends first his friends were made fun of him but in some way he convinced his friends to dig at the place he show ganpati in dream and then digging was start and in some 5 minutes of digging they all were shocked they saw a real statue of lord ganpati which was 7 feet long and with 2 sided face and both faces were different one is with one trunk and other face has 5 trunk statue of ganpati.

Establishment in narshingpura

The story is not ended yet there was one more magic that happens later and now the talk of statue was told to higher authorities and then they decided to situate the statue of lord ganpati on narshingpura in mandsaur and then people calls an cart to take the statue now with complete celebration and with DJ people start taking statue and then they reach to elaichi chowk in mandsaur and at there the cart was stopped suddenly peoples had try their best to take cart forward but it was not moving so finally they had decided to situate the statue at that place and now that elaichi chowk was named as ganpati chowk of mandsaur and now it is as famous as pashupnathinath temple in mandsaur .

This statue is off Stone Age

The statue of lord ganpati is 7 feet long and with double sided face of ganpati with one side face of one trunk and other side has 5 trunk face and on the side of one trunk the ganpati was sited like king and people from far area visit ganpati temple of jankupura on different occasion and people believe that if you visit this temple of 2 faces ganpathi then all your problems of life will be solved and that makes this statue of stone age.

Both faces of ganpati is different in ganpati chowk

Both faces of statue of ganpati were different in ganpati chowk mandsaur. Both faces has different expression and are manifested differently on one side it has five trunk in front and A trunk in back with special Turban holding and sited like Best Seth. The front side ganpati was known as vighnharta ganpati.

The 5 trunks of ganpati are on left side of statue and a trunk is on right side of statue. Left side of trunk was known as sankat mochan. If you had to see this temple and want to participate in aarti then visit temple at 7.30 pm

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