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Mini Goa kanwala Bhanpura Mandsaur

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

MINI GOA In village kanwala (bhanpura)

Mini Goa kanwala

If you want to enjoy on the beach in Goa, Mumbai or in Daman and due but if you are not able to go then I had one tourist place in mandsaur where you can visit and enjoy with the feel of the beach of Goa. It is also known as Mini Goa. It is situated in kanwala village in mandsaur. This village is surrounded from all sides by the river Chambal and because of that the wave of the river is collide ​on the land and slowly the sand was starting collected on the land and it gets a face of beach. The best moment on the beach comes in the evening by seeing the sunset and watching birds which will release all your stress in mini goa and make you feel free to go back to your home.

kanwala beach also depends on your kismat because if the day you visit will have the air-flown in west direction then you will enjoy more and the route you follow to visit mini goa has also many sceneries which will stick you on the road. the beach is the perfect combination of land, birds, and sea you will feel all this in one single place

The location on mini goa is :- MINI GOA

How beach in mini goa bhanpura is created?

There are 2 Big stones on this beach and these stones are the house of the bird named Ababil and because of that villager of this village called this stone as ” चिड़ी वाला पत्थर “ and these stones are the main reason for this beach of mini goa because Chambal river show his angry face on this stones and it will create the wave of a river which we all enjoy the most and in future, it is going to be the best place to visit in mandsaur in the month of July.

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