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Pashupathinath Temple Mandsaur|| History || Story||

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Mandsaur is A little known city in state of madhya pradesh where whenever you visit in mandsaur there are many tourist places but at the top most place you discussed about is pashupatinath temple mandsaur So, pashupatinath is the another name of lord shiva and this temple is main attraction of mandsaur. This temple is situated at the bank of shivna river.

Pashupatinath Temple mandsaur Images
Pashupathinath Temple

The temple sculpture is designed in 5th or 6th century based on inscription and referring as dashpura This temple has four doors in different direction but the entrance door in west. This temple is built on the river shivna is 90 feet high,101 feet long,30 feet wide. Ashtamukhi Shivling is worshiped in this temple. The eight faces of Lord Shiva describe the 4 stages of life. The east faces the childhood, the south faces the adolescence, the west faces the puberty, and the north faces the old age. Here it is believe that pashupatinath fullfill all the wishes. The eight faces of shivling are named according to the eight element of lord shiva

1. Sherva 2.Bhava 3.Rudra 4.Furious 5.Bhima 6.pashupati 7.Ishan 8.Mahadev.

All the eight faces of lord pashupatinath in mandsaur

In the month of shravan many people worshiped lord shiva and people believe that lord shiva dose all the wishes on

devotion to worship with devotion.

On the last monday in month of sharavan people will say lord pashupatinath will going out for bhrman of mandsour this is called as shai savari. In shahi savri many people take participate from different cities in punks and 20 appox punks will include in shai shavri of pashupatinath and the last punk is of lord pashupatinath. Many people will pull the baggi.those people are very who pull. After the shahi savari 56 bhog is organised in the night of shai savari.

The India's largest mahaghanta was constructed in this temple.

For consturction of mahaghanta it took 3 years for completion. The cost of making mahaghanta is 21 lakh 50 thousand. In this 3 lakh 27 thousand GST tax was paid. In the begining The target is set for mahaghanta is 21 quintals but the faith of people they donate metals thatsway the weight of mahaghanta is now 37 quintals. On the upper end of mahaghanta it cavred belpatr and trishul with lord pashupatinath. The hourly oscillation alone is of 3 quintals. This mahaghanta is planted on lord pashupatinath temple complex. In Madhya pradesh after the temple of ratangard mata temple in datiya in this temple 16 quintals of mahaghanta is planted and now in pashupatinath temple has planted mahaghanta of 37 quintals

How lord pashupathinath statue was finded ?

Lord Pashupatinath statue was found in 1940 near bank of shivna river. People say that a washerman named (udaji) was washing clothes on river shivna and on the stone where he washes the cloth was the statue of lord shiva and this washerman do wash the cloth daily on that stone and one day in his dream he see lord shiva telling that " on the stone where you washes the cloth was me and now it is your duty to take me out and situate me" In next morning the washerman get up and reach to the river and after discussing with his fellow mates they decided to take out that stone and the stone was lord pashupathinath. Now the talk of that statue was spreading and then people call there king pratyaksha Maharaj and then after worshiping they established that temple in 1960 and named it as pashpathi nath temple and now it is one of the famous temple

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