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Why corona is karma?

“How can people hope for peace when the whole planet is a giant, slaughterhouse and prison.”

The world is suffering at present due to its own karma.

People are imprisoned and animals are free ,as if karma fights back. Let’s hope everything goes well and also understand this present situation which is terrifying. This also shows that nature is all powerful and we should not test its power and patience.

We being a small creation of almighty should know we live in a tiny place and there is this entire universe to be explored. Some believe some don’t in God, but there is someone who has created this entire universe. We should believe in ourselves , find the power which is hidden within us.

Don’t we read books having characters with psychic power, don’t you think it’s real. People in the past did have this power because they were well connected with themselves and the nature. We people did forget who we are, from where did we come and so many questions. No doubt things are scientific but there are things which can never be answered by google cause the answer lies within us. When we can develop such high tech things than why not? We can find the answers.

TO BE CONTINUED…. ..[not being offensive it’s my perspective] BY SHIVAM AGARWAL(MITTAL).

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