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Tourist Places in Mandsaur

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Visiting Places in Mandsaur

Pashupathinath Temple & Dashpur kunj Mandsaur

Pashupathinath Temple Mandsaur

Pashupathinath temple is the only temple in the world with eight faces and all these 8 faces describe the different ages of their life. Read more

Dashpur Kunj is a park in mandsaur where we go daily for jogging or taking fresh air and it has some games for a small child and outside the park, there are delicious street food

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Dashpur Kunj Mandsaur for children

Teliya talab & back Teliya Talab Mandsaur

teliya talab Mandsaur Images

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Teliya talab is best place in mandsaur for picnic in evening and it has craddle for every age of person.

Back Teliya talab is best place for jogging in morning and evening. Smell of TT has power to control you and make you stop there

Back TT Mandsaur

Girnar water & amusement park

Girnar water and amusment park mandsaur

Girnar is the only water & amusement park in mandsaur till now and its slides are not too big but I am sure you are going to enjoy this place and games in this place are very good. for more detail visit girnar official website

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when we want to go on a height for fun and enjoy then you can visit mandsaur fort and Dhundhleshwar Mahadev temple they both are on heights and path we follow to reach there is also unique and adventures specially if you are from metro city.

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Tourist places near Mandsaur

Mini Goa & Chote Mahadev Mandsaur

Mini Goa Mandsaur at kanwala Bhanpura

Mini goa kanwala (bhanpura) is the best place to visit in summer in mandsaur its beaches is the same as Goa. Mini Goa is growing rapidly so visit it once and thanks me later.

Read more about mini goa

After visiting mini Goa visit Chote Mahadev. It  has a big waterfall where you can take bath and later worship  god shiva and visit it especially in the rainy season

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chote mahadev Bhanpura Mandsaur

Dhamnar Caves Mandsaur

Dhamnar 51 adventerus Caves in Mandsaur

Dhamnar caves is Buddhist temple in mandsaur it has 51 adventures caves to roam. It is one of the best archaeological site in mandsaur. it has stone railing with wooden architecture and it is one of best tourist place near mandsaur

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Gandhi Sagar Tourist place in mandsaur

Visiting places in Gandhi sagar

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Gandhi sagar has many tourist place to visit  and some of them are Gandhi sagar dam, wildlife sanctuary, Bird sanctuary, Hinglaj resort , sunset point in gandhi sagar, bhanpura stumph, hinglajgarh fort, and chambal river.

Visiting Places near gandhi sagar

Hinglaj garh fort is one of the famoust fort of mandsaur it is the only fort which has mountain, forest and River and river flows southward and that makes it special.

Taxakeshwar only temple in India is located in mandsaur and it is very good place to visit and spend your whole day with the silene andin the pool

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