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Everything about Mannu bhandari :- Mandsaur

Updated: May 25, 2021

"when" we talk about famous personalities of the mandsaur the first name comes in our mind was mannu Bhandari. She is an author who born on 3 April 1931 in the bahnpura district mandsaur. She is known for his 2 famous Hindi novels the name banti and mahaboj. She had also won many awards but the famous one award was pioneers of the Nayi Kahaani Movement, a Hindi literary movement initiated by authors. His work period was in early 1950's to 1960 and this was the time when India was going through many change like urbanization and industrialisation.

This demanded new debates, opinion, and point of view and this was given by the part of the Nayi Kahaani movement, including Bhandari. His story was normally dealt with relationship, gender inequality and equality as a new class of working and educated women. We know that most powerful thing in the world was words and story so she come with those stories which portray women under a new light, as independent and intellectual individuals. Bhandari falls light on the harsh reality of the society that is difficulties women has constantly encountered in the past. Sexual, emotional, mental and economic exploitation had placed women in a particularly weak position in Indian society. To change this bhandari write stories which portray female as strong, independent individuals, breaking old habits and emerging and creating an image of a'new woman'.


Bhandari was born in Bhanpura mandsaur and grew up in ajmer. Her father sukhsampat rai was an freedom fighter, and he was the first producer of english to hindi and english to marathi dictionary . Bhandari was the youngest kid in her family . Her early education was completed in ajmer but she completed his graduate from calcutta and then he went to obtain an M.A degree in hindi literature. She helped to organise a strike in 1946 with her teacher sheela agrawal and later due to this 2 of her colleagues were suspended from college as they are involved with subash chandra boss she is wife of hindi write rajendra yadav.

Some films that was written by her or taken from his story are Feature FIlm Rajnigandha, directed by Basu Chatterjee, based on the story Yahi Sach Hai completed its silver jubilee and was honors with many awards Feature film Swami based on the novel Swami, directed by Basu Bhatterjee, too celebrated its silver jubilee and was presented a number of awards. Feature film Jeena Yahan based on the story Ekhane Aakash Neyi directed by Basu Chatterjee Vipin Natkarni directed and translated the story Aapka Bunty which was highly praised. It earned itself a 'best story' award from the Maharashtra government and twenty-three other awards Basu Chatterjee's directed film Trishanku was translated into Bengali and made into a feature film. If you want to learn more about them then have a look at wikipedia Follow us on instagram :- @onlinemandsaur For more detail visit main website


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