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What is first advertisement of the world - mandsaur

Everywhere we see in this world we will see an advertisement and this advertisement were started around 436 – 455 A.D. This advertisement was written in Sanskrit in Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh India, This advertisement was written by some businessman on the wall of surya mandir in khilchipura in mandsaur this advertisement is written for promoting silk saris sales

It was the first advertisement of the world and this was proved by specialist and scientist by seeing an inscription on the wall.

Advertisement was written in Gupta period

As we know that in India inscription was used in gupta period for mass communication and for information exchange. This advertisement was also written in form of inscription. The importance of advertisement was very well understood by Silk textile manufactures in 436 Ad and this period was very prosperous for mandsaur it is the time when people from other parts of country was travelling in different parts of country for earning and in this time many traders from south Gujarat was come in mandsaur and settled here for selling silk textiles and from starting India was very cultured country then world so at this time people construct an surya temple for completing their rituals and also for praying with god. It is the place where every people of mandsaur go once for praying and it is the place where first advertisement of the world was located.

In first advertisement of the world what was written?

तारुण्य कान्यु पचितौ पि सुवर्ण हार,

ताम्बूल पुष्प विधिना समल को पि।

नारी जन: प्रिय भुपैति तावदस्या,

यावन्न पट्टमय वस्त्र युंगानि निधत्ते।।

This lines were describing that no matters that how young is women or how many ornaments, decorative items were worn, lips were drawn with tambool but an clever women doesn’t go to her beloved until she wear silk saree made by our hands and this clearly specify that it is promoting silk sarees and this was written on the wall of surya temple khilchipura

What is the location of the world first advertisement?

The world’s first advertisement was located in surya mandir of khilchipura District (mandsaur) and this location is the best place at that time for advertisement because everyone visit this place once on everyday so the traders that chooses this location was too much business minded.

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