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5 ways to solve any problem Faster ?

Updated: May 8, 2021

Straight to the point I am going to tell you some logical ways to solve any kind of problem faster that you are facing in your life . First off all differentiate the problem is it logical or it is imaginary yes imaginary Because if you are thinking that if earthquake is come then I am going to die it is logical or imaginary? Yes it is imaginary but in the same way you are thinking some problems that are in your mind . more

eg ; ( what if I got failed) first off all ask with yourself is the result comes if not then why you are thinking about it so to solve that type of problems is the best way just leave it because this is imaginary and imaginary things have no end because you are thinking about what that doesn’t exist . so stop thinking about that . if also that problem comes to your mind then just stick on that problem and ask to google to find it solution because you can find everything there and when you are going to find the solution you are itself going to think that it is illogical why I am finding its solution And be happy your illogical problem is solved. Real prolems in life Yes it is something important that How to solve real problems The best way I do to solve it is 1. I write that problem in a paper. Paper because it is going to increase your focus on that problem and when you are focused you can get the solution easily 2. If the problem still don’t solved than search on quora about that problem because there you are going to see the same peoples who fight that problem and win it. It is going to solve your problem