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Everything about Gandhisagar Dam of Mandsaur | Tourism

Gandhisagar is the one of four major dams built on india's chambal river. This dam is located in mandsour, neemuch district of the state of madhya pradesh. Foundation stone of construction of gandhisagar dam in the district was laid by prime minister pandit jawahrlal nehru on 7 march 1954. And the main construction of the dam is leading constructor by Dwarka Das Agrawal & Assosisate and was complete in 1960.The gandhisagar dam standing 62.17 meters high and with the gross storage capacity of 7.322 billion cubic meters from a catchment area of 22,584 sq/km(8,720 sq mi). The expenditure in construction of gandhisagar was Rs. 13 crores 60 lakhs.

Power station work is started in 1958 but the power will genreted and its distributied in 1960 November. Gandhi sagar power station is 65 meter long and 56 feet wide. This power station has five turbines of 23M.W. capacity. Thus having a total installed capacity of 115 M.W.The expenditure in construction of power station of 4 crores 40 lakhs. Gandhisagar power station now supplies electricity throughout the district. Electricity from this power station supplies to far off places in madhya pradesh and in Rajasthan states In the gandhisagar power station water goes into kota barrage. At the same time, the water that is released after the generation of electricity goes to the Kota barrage. Which is used for irrigation. The reservoir area of this dam is the second largest in India after the Hirakud reservoir. In addition, there is a gathering of non-migratory birds here. Sources of chambal is 344 km and 440 km deep vally. Gandhisagar dam is counstructed in between of district.This dam is 168 km away from mandsour district.The Gandhi Sagar dam produces electricity, while the water from the Kota barrage is shared equally between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. the Gandhi Sagar Dam through the Rana Pratap Sagar Dam located 48 km below Gandhi Sagar at Rawatbhata in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. The increase in the benift of igrrigation from the barrage the area of irrigation from 445,000 hectares to 567,000 hectares. hydroelectric generation capacity of 172 MW is provided from four turbo generators of 43 MW capacity at a power station at the foot of the dam. The power generated in the Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is shared equally with Madhya Pradesh, as the Gandhi Sagar Dam provides the stored water for use in this dam.

Gandhi sagar wildlife sanctuary

Gandhi sagar sanctuary is a wildlife santuary. It spread over an area if 368.62 km/ sqadjoining rajasthan state in india and it is situated on northern boundary of mandsour and neemuch in madhya pradesh,India. It was searched in 1974 and more area was addesd in 1983. The chambal river cut this sancturay in two parts one is eastern part is in neemuch and westarn parts is in mandsour district. It is khathiar gir dry deciduous forest ecoregion

For more details about gandhi sagar sanctuary read this one :-

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