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59 Truth & Dare questions to play with Friends, Crush, adults and Family

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

🔴 Defination This is a game of creativity, embarassment and tolerance along with daringness and honesty which is played between two or more than two players. 🔴 How to play? Make a group of two or more than two people ⬇️ Arrange a bottle of glass or plastic ⬇️ Swing that bottle ⬇️ Give choices of truth or dare to the person on which bottle stops ⬇️ Ask any random question from below as per candidates choice. ⬇️ Ask them to complete given truth or dare at any condition ⬇️ Continue...

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1.Truth and Dare questions for Friend

2. Truth and Dare questions for Family

3. Truth and Dare questions for Best friends

🔴 Truth and dare questions for normal Friends Dares 1. Text a person from your contact and tell you are giving party tonight and they have to come. 2. Act like an actor or any one from.the group and let others guess who's acting is this. 3. Go to a random person and ask for dance. 4. Wear underwear and inner on your dress and dance on a random song. 5. Replace eye with chaddi and sing a song. 6. Call one of your casual classmate and wish them Happy Birthday and sing song for them and try to make them beleive that it's their birthday. 7. Give a cartoon character to each person sitting over their. 8. Flirt with a person of your opposite sex. 9. Call a teacher and firstly tell them their qualities then made them realise about their punishments. 10. Smell another players armpit. Truth 1. What is your most physical pain you have faced last time. 2. Most craziest thing you have did in public transportation 3. If you meet an angle what would be your three wishes be. 4. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in front of a mirror? 5. What would be your last regretion. 6. What’s one thing you’d do if you didn't have to thought of consequences ? 7. How many times you seen porn a week or month? 8. The thing for which you are really excited in life. 9. Have you ever dated someone on social media 10. Have you ever used a fake Id ?